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Synthesis Report
Quality Standards

QUINORA – International Quality Assurance Programme in Vocational Orientation
and Guidance Measures for Job-Seekers on the System Level

The EU project QUINORA is the answer to the internationalisation of vocational orientation and career guidance. QUINORA has the goal to develop benchmarks at a European level and to disseminate best practices.

The main part of QUINORA is the development of a quality assurance programme for training measures in vocational orientation and activation. In the scope of a comparable synthesis report existing quality standards and programmes in EU countries are identified.

Based on this report international quality standards for training measures in vocational orientation and activation will be developed focussing especially on the management level of relevant labour market actors.

On the basis of common international quality standards an e-learning tool will be developed offering an opportunity for actors relevantly involved in labour market policies and training measures to implement these standards on the system and meta level step by step. An e-library will provide additional information and sources in scope of different aspects of the topic “Quality in vocational orientation”.

Target groups are managers of training measures in training institutions, different labour market and training actors (i.e. employment services in EU countries, training institutions) as well as trainers.